Saturday, 31 October 2020

Airpods Pro with cracking problems will be exchanged

 Apple has admitted that there are problems with the Airpods Pro that cannot be solved by software.

Photo: Kwokwang Chow

Creaking and swaying noises from the Airpods Pro in a noisy environment have annoyed some users. A device from is also affected and, despite several firmware updates and cleaning actions, could not be brought to reproduce the sound properly - both with the noise suppression switched on and off. However, this intensified the effect.

Apple has now announced that there are Airpods Pro with sound problems that should be replaced free of charge. It seems to be a serial error. Devices manufactured after October 2020 should no longer have these problems.

If you have a defective Airpods Pro, you can contact Apple online or by phone, or make an appointment at an Apple Store or with an authorized Apple service provider. An exchange takes place directly in the store, when contact is made online or by phone, the typical Apple exchange process is initiated. First, new Airpods Pro are sent and the original price is reserved on the customer's credit card. If the replacement devices are there, the person concerned sends the earplugs back. If he doesn't, the credit card will be charged.

IPhone 12 cameras cannot be repaired by third parties

The cameras of the iPhone 12 are software-protected against unauthorized exchange.

 So far, repair shops have been able to replace the cameras on iPhones themselves without any problems, but according to a report by iFixit, that is now over. Apple has dug the cameras on the iPhone 12. In the event of repairs, if a workshop tries to replace them with working models, they will not work. The reason: software is required for commissioning. The cameras must first be registered with the iPhone 12, reports iFixit. This only works with software provided by Apple. Independent repair shops do not receive these.

The problem was first discovered by Youtuber Hugh Jeffreys. The professional hobbyists from iFixit then verified it. The locking seems to be active only on the iPhone 12; the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro does not have the restrictions. It could also indicate that there are several incompatible cameras from different manufacturers on the iPhone 12, and both Jeffreys and iFixit randomly selected the cameras for repair. There were similar problems with the iPhone 7 and 8, reports The Verge.

The iFixit team also points out internal instructions from Apple that have leaked to them. There it is pointed out that after a camera or display has been repaired, the in-house system configuration app is required to teach-in the devices. Apple already uses the tool when changing the battery. Apple does not allow the exchange of Touch ID and Face ID components either - for security reasons, the company says.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Force Touch Deactivated On Apple Watches Via An Update

Image by Anton Ganthaler from Pixabay

The new Apple Watches Series 6 does not have a pressure-sensitive display. Older models, therefore lose their functionality when updated.

With the current version 7 of its WatchOS operating system, Apple is removing the possibility of using the so-called force-touch functions on older Apple's Series 3, 4, and 5 watches. This is reported by various media and users. This is related to the announcement of the two new devices Watch and Watch SE of the sixth generation, which no longer have the necessary hardware for the function.

With Force Touch, the further development of which is also known as 3D Touch, Apple tried to expand the dimensions and possibilities of using classic touchscreens for input to also respond to pressure. If you press the display with more pressure, an additional menu item appears. Apple first introduced this function with the Apple Watches in 2015 and later also equipped the displays of the iPhones with it.
But like the new iPhone models, the upcoming sixth-generation Apple Watches no longer have the necessary pressure-sensitive hardware. Another technique is used as a substitute, in which a point on the display has to be pressed and held for longer.
The change is confirmed by Apple in its Human Interface Guidelines for development teams. There it says: "With versions of WatchOS before WatchOS 7, users can press firmly on the display, for example, to change the dial or to display a hidden menu known as the Force Touch menu. In WatchOS 7 and higher, system Previously hidden menu items are accessible to apps in a related screen or a settings screen. "

App developers who have previously used the Force Touch function in their apps are asking Apple to adapt their applications to the new behavior.

Friday, 18 September 2020

Make money online

do you want to make money online
do you want to make money online

Job for online

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet by young working people or students who dream of a new life in which they can choose their hours of work or their place of work.

In which they can be independent, or start their own business. But this question should be asked in a different way: what kind of activity can be carried out thanks to digital technology? Because the possibilities are almost infinite.

Whether you want to remain an employee while working from home thanks to remote job offers or start a self-employed activity online, you will find what you need to start a business and make money. As long as you master the new digital tools and improve your skills in digital marketing.

Make more money - Real ways to earn money online in 2020

Dropshipping to earn money online

How to make money easily while working? Thanks to dropshipping! But on one condition: by working hard and training in digital marketing.

This idea of online business is one of the most popular ways to make money online without investing. The success of dropshipping is growing, which proves its ability to make you make money online.

With all the e-commerce success stories that can be heard here and there, there is no lack of evidence about the credibility of dropshipping to make money online.

But what is dropshipping? It is a business model that allows you to sell a product to a customer, while your suppliers take care of the packaging and delivery.

With dropshipping websites, you will have access to millions of products that just need to be added to your online store. In other words, sites like Aliexpresse or Alibaba, or even Amazon takes care of all the binding aspects, while you can focus on your marketing strategy.

This is precisely the best way to make money with dropshipping: most successful entrepreneurs focus on their marketing strategy.

Launching Youtube ads, finding influencers to promote products, or sending direct messages (DM marketing ) to potential customers via social networks are among the possibilities.

Make money creatively with print on demand

Print on demand is also proving popular when looking to make money on the Internet. Many graphic designers and illustrators turn to this business model to sell their designs on clothing or other products.

They monetize their passion while working from home. Thanks to their unique designs, they can develop a consistent and credible brand.

Print on demand has this in common with dropshipping: you do not manage stock and do not take care of delivery to customers.

However, there are some differences. The advantage is that you can add custom packaging in your brand colors. The disadvantage, the shipping costs are exorbitant, which makes it difficult to establish a profitable online business unless you offer high prices or sell a lot.

How to make money online with a print on demand business? By promoting free advertising channels. A smart strategy is to promote your products through Instagram, Pinterest, or through affordable influencers that convert their audience well.

But also by improving the referencing of your website via SEO techniques. This will allow you to earn real money online, rather than spending what you have not yet earned in other marketing channels such as Facebook or Google Shopping ads.

How to make money online easily? By becoming an affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get passive income on the Internet. The success of this strategy has had its ups and downs but has proven over time its ability to become profitable.

The big advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can become an affiliate of many companies, from Shopify to Amazon to Uber to Asos.

Affiliate marketing can allow you to earn money on the Internet without investing. How can you do it? By advertising for other brands.

If you are a good salesman, you can earn commissions on commercial products, software, apps, and more. If earning a commission doesn't seem like much, keep in mind that you can be affiliated with several brands and integrate different affiliate links into one blog article.

In order to be successful in the affiliate business, you need to become an influencer or have a good blog to interest brands.

But how to make money online through affiliate marketing? Your best chance is to focus on content marketing. By developing a blog with original content, you build your own brand.

This is all the more interesting because even if an affiliate program closes, you can always switch to a competing program without affecting your additional income.

Create a youtube channel and earn money online 

The highest-paid YouTuber at the moment is Ryan, 7 years old,


who publishes toy crash tests on his YouTube channel. In 2018, he earned $22 million. In second place is Jake Paul, $21,5 million on the YouTube counter. Not bad for additional income, right? He has capitalized on his popularity on social networks to make money beyond his YouTube channel.

Your YouTube channel should ideally focus on a niche, from which you will develop a strong and loyal audience. For example, you can create make-up tutorials, broadcast video games, test products, share knowledge, create hoax videos, or anything else you think a community might be interested in. 

The secret of success on YouTube? Creating content that people are interested in, either because it's informative, or because it's entertaining, or because you're the only one doing it in your niche.

Work on appealing titles that entice people to watch the video and use keywords optimized for YouTube search. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, you can officially monetize your YouTube channel with YouTube Ads. That said, a quality YouTube channel doesn't allow you to make money on the Internet without investing a minimum amount of money.

Become an influencer on Instagram, one of the best ways to make money

How to make money easily? By being an influencer! Developing your personal brand can make you earn money online.

Did you know that Kylie Jenner earns $1 million for every sponsored post on her Instagram account? That makes her the highest-paid influencer in the world. 

If these numbers are just for reality TV stars, singers and athletes, keep in mind that even modest influencers are still making more money today than they were a year ago. 

Is becoming an influencer the way to make money quickly on the Internet? Let's face it: to become an influencer, you need to build a big community. And that takes time. The most effective platforms for this are YouTube and Instagram.

Many of the most famous influencers had their first success on these platforms. Find out how to get more Instagram subscribers to build your community. 

To earn money as an influencer, you can for example charge for sponsored posts, make speeches, create your online store and sell products, add affiliate links in your bio, sell your photos, do product placement on your podcasts, become a brand ambassador, write a book, or monetize your presence at events.

In this perspective, there is no shortage of ways to generate additional income on the Internet.

Income supplement on the Internet: online training courses

An increasingly popular online business idea to make money on the Internet while working is to share your knowledge. If you are an expert in a field, you can monetize your knowledge by creating an online course.

Sell your course on Udemy or, if you already have an audience, on your own website. This is what is increasingly referred to as infopreneurship. Making money while sharing your knowledge can quickly become a vocation!

To create a successful course, I encourage you to look at other courses on the same subject. What are the aspects that people like or dislike? How can you create something better than what already exists? A question to ask in any case.

Focus on creating content that solves people's main problems, while promoting what they already like.

The platform on which you will sell your course will determine how much money you will make. If you sell your course on Udemy, you can almost forget about it immediately and still count on a small additional income.

Eventually, do some promotion on your blog or on your own website. But if you only post it on your own website, you might want to run a few ads to showcase it. Unless you are setting up a mailing list to continue promoting future courses to this target audience.

Publish an ebook to receive money online 

It is entirely possible to earn money with an Amazon ebook. You will need to write the ebook in question, format it, publish it on Amazon KDP, and promote it. 

You can eventually hire an editor to write the book, a graphic designer to design the cover, or a freelancer to layout it and thus minimize your efforts on this project. Focus on keywords from popular searches on Amazon. I often use a Keyword Tool to refine my titles based on what people are looking for.

How do I make money on the Internet with ebooks? There are many marketing strategies: for example, you can offer your ebook for a few days and get reviews that will increase your SEO.

I also like to create designs in the style of Pinterest rather than just placing the pine cover. This has helped me get a few more clicks on my ebook from Pinterest.

Make money online with a blog

How to make money on the Internet with a blog? It is one of the oldest strategies to make money online. People who like to write tend to start a blog that focuses on a niche. For example, a blog about procrastination, cars, dropshipping, toys, etc. are topics specialized enough to build a loyal but large enough community, even at the beginning.

You can create your blog on many platforms, such as Shopify (remove the shopping cart option so you don't have to pay a subscription fee) or WordPress.

When you start your blog, focus on very specific keywords, and expand into other categories related to your original topic. This will allow you to build an influential blog over the long term.

There are many ways to make money with a blog and if you optimize all of them, this activity can become a home-based business. You can place affiliate links in your posts (don't forget to mention it).

You can monetize it via Adsense by strategically placing ads on your site. Sponsored posts can help you make money on the Internet through brand partnerships. This is a very popular practice among bloggers.

Bloggers can also sell their digital or physical products on their site. Finally, you can use it to develop your authority. This will allow you to negotiate large contracts or to be paid as a speaker or lecturer.

Become a freelancer and earn money with your skills

Perhaps the most effective way to make money on the net is to convert your current job into an online freelance activity.

If for example, you are an editor, administrative assistant, graphic designer, teacher, web developer, etc., you can find clients online, become freelance, and earn money on the Internet by working.

There are dozens of websites grouping freelance assignments by sector. Freelance writers can search for jobs on specialized job sites but also more generalist sites such as Malt or Upwork.

If you feel that your current job is not suitable for online income, consider other skills you might have. To make money on the Internet you need to start by building a solid portfolio. 

Once this is done, you will be able to approach big clients and make more money. Remember, freelancing is a very competitive field. The more personalized your emails and applications are, the more responses you will get.

Making money on the Internet in 2020 by being a digital nomad

You can become a digital nomad whether you are a freelancer or an employee.

Indeed, more and more companies are looking for talent all over the world, provided they remain available remotely and have a good internet connection. A trend that is likely to grow even more with the Coronavirus crisis and the explosion of teleworking.

You can sell your travel photos for example. Work with freelance companies, become a travel blogger, manage a brand's customer service, or offer translation services in your native language in the country where you are.

You can also manage your dropshipping business on the other side of the world. As long as you are in compliance with the country's tax regulations.

Make money online - How to make pocket money?

If you're just looking to make some extra income or a few extra euros, you can also do several things online that will make you earn money.

Like for example watching ads to earn money or answering paid surveys or studies. Another solution to compensate for these online purchases is to install a cashback, such as iGraal, which will pay you a small percentage of your purchases depending on the merchant.

A few cents for small orders, but which can quickly become interesting if we pay for our plane tickets or vacations on booking.

If you have skills in graphic design, English, or web writing, you can also sell your services as micro-tasks on sites like or Fiverr.


Earning money on the Internet can allow you to round out your ends of the month but also, why not, to replace your permanent job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Earning more money can allow you to have more freedom, ensure your financial security, and become the master of your life.

Summary: Ways to make money on the Internet

Getting into Dropshipping

Try print on demand

Earn money by becoming an affiliate marketer

Create a youtube channel and earn money

Become an Influencer

Create online training

Publish an ebook

Starting a blog

Going freelance

Friday, 11 September 2020

iPhone 12, iPad Air, HomePod, AirTags : everything Apple could launch by the end of 2020

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 12 won't be the only new Apple product at the end of the year, the Californian brand is preparing two new Watches, a new iPad Air, a new HomePod speaker, headphones, AirTags trackers, and a new Apple TV.


The pandemic of Covid-19 may have made it impossible to organize a keynote, the Californian brand should still make people talk about it in the coming weeks.

In addition to the much-awaited iPhone 12 (which should not be seen before October), the company would have enough products in stock to feed the news every week until the end of the year. On Bloomberg, Mark Gurman and Debby Wu unveil Apple's very rich calendar.

75 million iPhone 12

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple has ordered 75 million next-generation iPhones from its providers.

This figure would be equivalent to that of last year, which means that Apple does not expect a drop in sales despite the pandemic. 

A total of four smartphones signed by Apple would be launched by the end of this year. There would be two iPhone 12 Classic (5.4 and 6.1 inches) and two iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 and 6.7 inches). All of them would feature an OLED screen, a first for the company.

All four smartphones would be 5G compatible, would use the new A14 processor, and would be launched in October, a month later than Apple initially hoped. For the moment, the coronavirus is indeed responsible.

Without going into details, Bloomberg confirms rumors that at least one of these four iPhones would embark a LiDAR sensor similar to that of the iPad Pro. Finally, a new night blue color would replace last year's green. 

An affordable Apple Watch

These new iPhone 12 could be accompanied (or preceded, some rumors mention a launch by press release in the coming days) by the new Apple Watch.

In addition to Series 6, most certainly focused on health, Apple would prepare for the first time a low-cost version of its connected watch.

The objective would be to compete with Fitbit and replace the aging Series 3 in its catalog. The latter, currently sold at 229 euros, gives us some clues on the price of this future product.

An iPad Air in the design of iPad Pro

There too, it's not really a surprise, the new iPad Air keeps leaking. Probably launched in the next few days, Apple's new tablet should inherit the design of the iPad Pro and have fewer borders than the previous generation.

The only thing we don't know today is how to unlock this new tablet. Some talk about Face ID facial recognition, others about a Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the unlock button at the top of the screen.

The return of the HomePod 

Three years after a first model that did not meet with unanimous approval, the HomePod could make a comeback in a new form. Apple would rely on a smaller and cheaper format to propel Siri and its services within your home rather than on an overpowering and expensive speaker. 

The Apple headset is coming

Here, Bloomberg is being cautious. It has been known for several years that Apple has been preparing a high-end headset, but we don't know its release date.

Will the one nicknamed "AirPods Studio" be released before the holidays? Such a product could in any case sound the end of Beats, recently eliminated from the name of Apple Music radios. 

Finally... the AirTags 

We've been talking about it for a year now, AirTags could accompany the iPhone 12 this year. These little gadgets, which would be attached to important objects such as your bag or your bike, would use Apple's location technology to show you their positions in real-time.

The company's idea would be to use the millions of iPhones in circulation to locate AirTags reported lost and notify their owners if they reappear.

New remote control for Apple TV 

For the first time we hear about it, the future Apple TV would be entitled to new remote control. The current model, the object of much controversy, has a tendency to get lost in the sofas and annoy its users.

Apple is said to have developed a system to find its lost remote, most likely by making it ring (or by using the UWB chip of the iPhone?). Bloomberg nevertheless specifies that the new Apple TV, more powerful than the current model, could arrive at the beginning of 2021. 

The first Apple Silicon Macs 

Bloomberg does not mention it in its article but Apple has already confirmed that it will launch the first Mac equipped with an Apple Silicon processor this year. This device, which will be the first to abandon Intel for ARM, should be rumored to be a laptop.

MacBook Air? MacBook Pro? Return of the MacBook in the form of an ultra-portable always connected? Not much is known at this time. Besides, will Macs be entitled to their own keynote? Can an event of this magnitude be reduced to a simple press release?  

What about the software?

Other new features expected by the end of the year, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. Once again, the pandemic is turning everything upside down. The arrival of Apple's new operating systems is difficult to predict. Will we have to wait for a possible video conference in October or a magical press release?

Thursday, 23 July 2020

The mosquito guide: all you need to know about mosquito bites

Pimples, redness, itching... In summer, mosquitoes are a real nuisance for holidaymakers. Although they are mostly harmless, they can sometimes be deadly. They are considered to have killed more people than any other insect or animal through the transmission of diseases such as dengue fever or malaria.

all you need to know about mosquito bites

Every year they kill nearly three million people worldwide. 

Why do they bite us? How can we stop them? How do we relieve a bite?

Feeding your eggs

As with wasps and bees, female mosquitoes are responsible for human bites.

After mating, the female goes hunting to collect mammalian blood to find the protein source needed to feed her eggs.

Forty-eight hours after taking this meal, the fertilized females deposit their eggs on the surface of stagnant water (ponds, streams, puddles...). Water is absolutely necessary for the development of the mosquito's eggs: a wetland will not suffice.

This "reproduction-biting-bitten-bridge" sequence is repeated several times during the mosquito's life. The length and frequency of the cycle depend on the species, but it is estimated that the common mosquito reproduces this cycle twice a week in summer.

One bite is more than enough to cover the protein needs of the eggs, so it is not true that one mosquito can be responsible for several bites in a single night. The bite, which is usually nocturnal (usually at dawn or dusk) and painless, lasts about three minutes if the mosquito is not disturbed.

Spotting your prey

No need to turn off the light to avoid them, the mosquito locates its target through its sense of smell.

It is first able to sense the presence of carbon dioxide (emitted by the breathing and perspiration of living beings) at a distance of more than thirty metres.

The closer it gets, the more it will detect human odours composed of fatty acids (sebum, butyric acid), lactic acid or other ammoniated odours emitted by the skin, such as breath or urine.

When it is very close to human skin, it uses thermoreceptors. These infrared heat detectors will enable him to find the warmer venule, inside which he will draw the blood necessary for his egg-laying. The visual system, which is especially sensitive to movement, is in fact very inefficient.

Why does the mosquito bite itch?

How does a bite happen?

When the mosquito is in place, it pushes its stylets through the skin into the human vein.

Through a first channel, formed by the hypopharynx, it injects saliva that prevents blood from clotting in its tube. The second channel allows him to suck out the blood that has remained fluid.

The amount of blood drawn varies from 5 to 10 mm3. When the mosquito has finished its meal, it leaves as it came: without worrying about what is happening in the human body.

The immune system on alert

So the mosquito did not disperse an anaesthetic into the body, as is often said.

Its saliva, which was only intended to stabilize blood platelets, will have a completely different effect. Faced with the presence of this unknown substance, our immune system goes on alert and sends mast cells to the front line. These cells have the ability to detect foreign substances and explode on contact with them to protect the body.

When they explode, they release massive amounts of histamine, which causes the redness and itching we know. Other immune agents are then attracted and a small red pimple appears.

This is a swelling of the water-filled skin: under no circumstances should you try to pierce it, as this could lead to infection.

This explains why the bites usually itch much more in the spring than in late summer when the body has gradually become accustomed to the mosquito's saliva.

Why does scratching make us feel better?

We often say it often enough: we should not scratch our mosquito bites. Easier said than done... But why does scratching do so much good?

Two types of sensors

To understand this phenomenon, you need to observe what happens to the skin during a sting. It is known that the skin has many sensors capable of interpreting external stimuli.

These sensors are connected to sensory fibres that will transmit to the brain the information that the body is in danger: burn, cut, pinch... This is warning information.

For example, when the skin is burned, the brain induces the perception of pain to alert the individual to the danger he or she is in. Here, in the case of a mosquito bite, the sensory fibres transmit the inflammation they have detected and the brain induces itching.

Some sensory fibres are able to perceive simple touch signals, such as caresses, for example. These stimuli will not alert the brain, but they still carry information called contact information. 

The contact information and the alert information will circulate within the same nervous network if they are located in a nearby area.

Interactions can take place between the two, and one piece of information can interfere with another.

Parasite inflammation

So when we scratch around a mosquito button, the contact information is perceived by the brain and we short circuit the alert information. For a short period of time, the brain no longer receives the message of inflammation and the itching disappears.

This reduction in pain perception can also be seen when we take a blow and massage the injured area. The same mechanisms come into play.

The more it itches, the more I scratch myself

However, we must avoid succumbing to temptation as much as possible. Scratching can allow bacteria to pass through the skin and cause superinfections. And the more you scratch, the more it itches! How do you explain this phenomenon?

In fact, the mechanical action of scratching activates nerve endings and will release histamine molecules, which in turn will cause itching. It's a real vicious circle.

Who gets bitten the most?

Parasite inflammation

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes are not sensitive to the amount of sugar in their blood. So "sweet skins" can be reassured! In reality, there are two main reasons for this phenomenon.

As we have seen, the itching is due to an allergic reaction to the mosquito's saliva. Some organisms, for unknown reasons, do not consider it harmful and the allergic reaction goes almost unnoticed. They will then feel as if they are less stung than others!

Favorite body odors

But recent research shows that this is probably not the only reason. Mosquitoes are attracted to the body odor of organisms. These are linked to the pheromones we give off, some of which are more attractive than others.

This can be related to food, the amount of sweat, the use of perfume but also to the bacterial composition of our skin.

It is this last point that has caught the attention of researchers at the University of Wageningen (Netherlands). They studied 48 men to try to find out which smells and which bacterial populations were preferred by mosquitoes.

Nine of them were particularly bitten, while seven managed to get through the net. Among those who were the most bitten, the same characteristic is often found: a large number of bacteria.

We find in the very attractive bacteria that emit powerful volatile compounds: Leptotrichia sp., Delfia sp., and Actinobacteria Gp3 sp.
On the other hand, the carriers of Variovorax sp. and Pseudomonas sp. are only slightly bitten...

It should also be added that pregnant women are generally pricked more because of the hormones that are abundantly secreted.

Anti-mosquito tips for treating a bite and avoiding being bitten

Adopt good personal hygiene

Since mosquitoes are attracted by body odors (sebum, sweat), it is important to adopt good personal hygiene. Some perfumes can attract females, others repel them, so there is no specific rule regarding fragrances.

Expose the skin to at least

The way you dress can also make a difference. The longer and looser the clothes are, the less skin is exposed. You may also consider wearing socks.

But this advice is often difficult to follow because of the heat in the summer. Just remember to wear light-colored clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors that emit more heat!

Avoid places near stagnant water

Mosquitoes are numerous near the places where they can lay their eggs. Therefore, try to eliminate stagnant water (buckets, garbage cans, tires, containers ...), cover water tanks, drain water from tarpaulins ...

Place a fan near you

There are fewer bites on very windy days because the mosquitoes cannot control the airflow. Placing a fan at low speed on the balcony or in the bedroom will prevent them from entering or moving around properly.

Protect yourself, especially at the end of the day

Mosquitoes are most active at the end of the day. Avoid being outside without protection during this period.

Adopt the mosquito net

To make sure you sleep without being woken up by the buzzing of mosquitoes, you need a mosquito net. If it is treated with insecticide, it is the prevention of choice.

Use a repellent

For clothing, permethrin-based repellents can be used. They are resistant to several items of washing and are very effective.

However, it must be kept in mind that permethrin is toxic to cats.

There are products that are applied to the skin and that prevent the mosquito from approaching and biting: these are repellents.

Four molecules have been unanimously recognized by health authorities for their mosquito repellent power: DEET (the best known), KBR (or picaridin), IR 35/35 (recommended for pregnant women), and estradiol.

These agents block mosquitoes' olfactory receptors. Because they are potent, it is best to reserve them for certain specific circumstances, i.e. where there are large numbers of mosquitoes and where there is a risk of disease transmission. For other circumstances, it is usually sufficient to follow a number of practical tips.

Does citronella work?

Although the insect generally avoids this plant, it is not enough to stop it when it needs blood.

If you like the smell of lemongrass, you can use candles or essences, but you should know that the impact is very low.

As for insecticide aerosols and diffusers, they are only of interest when the room is closed. They can present a risk to human health (children in particular) and contribute to the resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides: they should, therefore, be used with great moderation.

Beware of traps

A report from the French Society of Parasitology listed mosquito repellents to avoid: "It is strongly recommended not to use insect repellent wristbands to protect against mosquitoes, ultrasound sound devices, vitamin B1, homeopathy, electric snowshoes, ribbons, paper, and other sticky stickers without insecticides. »

Similarly, university studies have shown that blue light lamps are not effective: only 0.2% of the insects trapped by these lamps are mosquitoes.

Moreover, by killing insects that are beneficial to ecosystems, they would be harmful to the environment.

Today, the ANSM (the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) is trying to regulate this market and monitor products to check whether they are active against mosquitoes and whether they are not toxic to humans.

How to relieve a mosquito bite?

The damage is done: a small red pimple has appeared and the itching is more intense. Here are 6 tips to relieve them... Here are our tips to relieve a mosquito bite.

Washing with soap

Wash affected area with soap and water. Marseille soap has a calming effect (rub in the area of the bite).

Use baking soda

The use of baking soda (also called "little cow") is an interesting possibility. Mix baking soda (3/4) with water (1/4) and soak a cloth in this solution. Then apply the cloth to the mosquito bite.

Medicinal plants

Medicinal or aromatic plant leaves provide relief when rubbed on the pricked area. Take one or two leaves of plantain (a common weed), knead it between your fingers (to obtain juices), and rub generously over the bite. Also use dandelion leaves, mint leaves, onion rings.

Apply a heat source

There's nothing like heat to parasitize the itching! Apply a heat source in the close vicinity of the bite site (cloth soaked in hot water, lamp, a cup of coffee) for about 15 seconds. Conversely, an ice cube can be just as effective.


The use of antihistamines is very effective. In cream form, they act by blocking the effects of histamine and relieve even the most severe itching. The effects of antihistamines (Benadryl, Reaction) begin to be felt within an hour of use.


Corticosteroids are generally very comfortable and very effective against stings. They reduce the consequences of the inflammatory reaction, i.e. both the itching and swelling of edema.

The application in the morning and evening makes it possible to reabsorb the sting in two or three days. The only catch: a prescription is sometimes required to obtain these creams.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

iOS 14 beta 2 has been released with tons of bug fixes

Apple was forced to change its plans for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop the company from announcing all of its major software updates last month during its big virtual WWDC 2020 keynote presentation. That includes iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, the final versions of which will launch alongside the new iPhone models this fall. But you won’t have to wait that long to try them out because the iOS 14 and the iPadOS 14 developer betas are already available right now, and the second version of each is now available to download.

We covered the iOS 14 reveal last month, but there are hundreds of new features that you need to check out. Here’s a massive list of all of them, if you have an hour or so to read about all the nifty new features. Highlights include the revitalized the home screen of the iPhone with customizable widgets, an App Library where you can easily find any app you have installed, new Picture-in-Picture support, a fresh new look for Messages, App Clips, a Translate app, and more. Then there’s iPadOS 14, which adds many of the same improvements and new features as iOS 14, as well as new sidebars in apps, improved search functionality, and handwriting recognition with Scribble.

Apple’s iOS 14 beta 2 is now available to download alongside the corresponding iPad software update for developers, iPadOS 14 beta 2. We can also expect new versions of Apple’s public iOS and iPadOS betas sometime this month. Wondering whether or not your device is compatible with the new updates? We put together a full list below that contains every compatible device. If your device is on there, it’s compatible with Apple’s latest beta software:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2

As you know by now, installing a new iOS beta or iPadOS beta on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch couldn’t be easier. Just navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and then tap “Download and Install” at the bottom of that page. If you want, you can also install the update through iTunes by connecting your iOS device to your computer. Whichever method you choose, just make sure to back up your device before installing the update.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

How to enable the new Start menu in Windows 10

After giving us a tease of a redesign, Microsoft rolled out the new look Start menu in Windows 10 build 20161.

But while there was a great deal of excitement about the cleaner, more refined look complete with translucent backgrounds, many Windows users were disappointed to find that the new Start menu was not available to everyone. Here's what you need to do to see the new Start menu.

As the new Start menu is still undergoing testing, it is only available to people who are running Windows 10 build 20161 which is available in the Dev Channel. But just having the correct build of the operating system installed is not enough. Microsoft is conducting A/B testing, so only a subset of Insiders will see the redesigned Start menu.

Unless, of course, you cheat. As shared by WindowsUnited, there is a handy utility called ViveTool which can be used to manually activate the new Start menu.

Here's what to do:

  • Download ViveTool here and extract the contents of the archive.
  • Click the Start button, type cmd, right click the Command Prompt icon and select Run as administrator.
  • Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog and switch to the folder you extracted ViveTool tool; for example: cd C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\ViveTool.
  • Now enter the command ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2 and press Enter.
  • Restart your computer and when Windows loads you should be able to see the new Start menu.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Dieses durchgesickerte Design würde das Pixel 5 wahrscheinlich zu einem Flop machen

Das Pixel 5 sollte zumindest theoretisch eines der aufregendsten neuen Handys des Jahres sein. In der Praxis entwickelt sich das Pixel 5 zum bislang enttäuschendsten „Flaggschiff“ -Pixel, da von Google allgemein erwartet wird, dass es anstelle des High-End-Prozessors, der in diesem Jahr alle Top-Androiden antreibt, einen Midrange-Chip verwendet. Wir haben das Snapdragon 765-Gerücht bisher schon einige Male gehört, und Pixel-Gerüchte werden normalerweise wahr. Aber 2020 ist kein reguläres Jahr, und Gerüchte über Pixel 5 fehlen seit geraumer Zeit. Die neuartige Coronavirus-Pandemie wirkte sich auf die Arbeitsweise der Menschen aus, einschließlich Google. Dies könnte erklären, warum wir beim Pixel 5 Verzögerungen sehen und das erwartete Startfenster für Oktober verpassen könnten. Und es könnte das Fehlen neuer Pixellecks erklären. Eine neue Reihe von Bildern, die das angebliche Pixel 5-Design zeigen, wurde online gestellt, aber viele bestreiten die Richtigkeit der Renderings. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass das folgende Design für ein 2020-Smartphone einfach zu enttäuschend wäre.

Die auf Pigtou veröffentlichten Renderings zeigen das angebliche Design, das letztes Jahr oder 2019 Sinn gemacht hätte. Das angebliche Pixel 5-Telefon in diesen Renderings verfügt über ein Loch-All-Screen-Display mit der Kamera auf der linken Seite des Mobilteils und eine einheitliche Lünette. An dem Bildschirm ist bisher nichts auszusetzen. Es wird gemunkelt, dass Pixel 5 das hoch entwickelte Soli-Radar, das sich oben befindet, überflüssig macht, wodurch Google-Desi
gner das Bildschirm-zu-Körper-Verhältnis verbessern könnten. Das Pixel 4-Bildschirmdesign (Bild oben) ist im Vergleich zu einigen anderen Androiden, die letztes Jahr auf den Markt gebracht wurden, absolut abscheulich. Aber würde Google so schnell auch das Gesichtserkennungssystem ausgeben, das es für das Pixel entwickelt hat?

Das obige Design legt nahe, dass Google für Pixel 5 wieder auf einen nach hinten gerichteten Fingerabdrucksensor umsteigen würde, was ein großer Rückschritt wäre. Flaggschiffe oder Mid-Ranger, Android-Telefone mit All-Screen-Displays sind mit einem In-Screen-Fingerabdrucksensor ausgestattet. Die Galaxy A71 Modelle sind ein solches Beispiel. Eine gemunkelte A71s 5G UW-Version würde tatsächlich auf demselben Snapdragon 765 basieren wie Pixel 5, LG Velvet und OnePlus Nord.

Bestenfalls würde dieses durchgesickerte Pixel 5-Design als Pixel 4a oder 5a funktionieren.

Die Dual-Screen-Objektivkamera macht auch für das Pixel 5 keinen Sinn. Es ist 2020, und Smartphone-Hersteller platzieren drei Kameras auf ihren Handys. Es ist nicht so, dass derzeit drei Kameras benötigt werden, aber sie sind sicherlich ein Symbol für "Neuheit". Möglicherweise können Sie die Telefone der Galaxy-Serie nicht voneinander unterscheiden. Aber zählen Sie die Kameras und Sie werden wissen, dass sie brandneu sein sollen. Nicht einmal Google kann es sich leisten, dem Kamera-Upgrade zu widerstehen, wenn man bedenkt, was alle anderen tun. Der Druck wäre in einem Jahr einfach zu groß, wenn den iPhone 12-Profis nachgesagt wird, eine LiDAR-Kamera auf die Dreifachobjektivkamera zu setzen, wenn Samsung Periskopkameras hat und wenn das OnePlus Nord angeblich über eine „Flaggschiff-Kamera“ verfügt " Erfahrung.

Das obige Design legt nahe, dass Google für Pixel 5 wieder auf einen nach hinten gerichteten Fingerabdrucksensor umsteigen würde, was ein großer Rückschritt wäre. Flaggschiffe oder Mid-Ranger, Android-Telefone mit All-Screen-Displays sind mit einem In-Screen-Fingerabdrucksensor ausgestattet. Die Galaxy A71 Modelle sind ein solches Beispiel. Eine gemunkelte A71s 5G UW-Version würde tatsächlich auf demselben Snapdragon 765 basieren wie Pixel 5, LG Velvet und OnePlus Nord.

Bestenfalls würde dieses durchgesickerte Pixel 5-Design als Pixel 4a oder 5a funktionieren.

Die Dual-Screen-Objektivkamera macht auch für das Pixel 5 keinen Sinn. Es ist 2020, und Smartphone-Hersteller platzieren drei Kameras auf ihren Handys. Es ist nicht so, dass derzeit drei Kameras benötigt werden, aber sie sind sicherlich ein Symbol für "Neuheit". Möglicherweise können Sie die Telefone der Galaxy-Serie nicht voneinander unterscheiden. Aber zählen Sie die Kameras und Sie werden wissen, dass sie brandneu sein sollen. Nicht einmal Google kann es sich leisten, dem Kamera-Upgrade zu widerstehen, wenn man bedenkt, was alle anderen tun. Der Druck wäre in einem Jahr einfach zu groß, wenn den iPhone 12-Profis nachgesagt wird, eine LiDAR-Kamera auf die Dreifachobjektivkamera zu setzen, wenn Samsung Periskopkameras hat und wenn das OnePlus Nord angeblich über eine „Flaggschiff-Kamera“ verfügt " Erfahrung.

Und vergessen wir nicht, dass ein Leaker Anfang dieses Jahres (oben) dieses wilde Pixel 5-Design mit einer Dreilinsenkamera auf der Rückseite bereitgestellt hat.

Es ist unklar, wann Google zu diesem Zeitpunkt die Pixel 4a und Pixel 5 enthüllen wird. Einige Berichte besagen, dass das Pixel 4a im Juli angekündigt werden könnte, das Pixel 5 voraussichtlich im Oktober. Andere sagen, die Telefone könnten mehr Verzögerungen sehen. Google wird sich in Zukunft sicherlich mit seiner Pixel-Strategie befassen müssen, insbesondere angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Pixel 3a-Serie gerade eingestellt wurde. Was auch immer in diesem Jahr passiert, es ist das Pixel 6, auf das man sich freuen kann, insbesondere wenn Google es schafft, seinen benutzerdefinierten Prozessor der ersten Generation bis Oktober 2021 fertigzustellen.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 10

Microsoft has been quite aggressive in launching the Chromium-based version of Edge, and not everyone is happy about it.

It is understandably irritating to have a browser that does not necessarily need to be installed - and to further insult the injury, Microsoft has made it impossible to uninstall Edge. But there is a way to get rid of the browser. Here's what you need to know.

You may have decided that you would like to stay in the browser of your choice, as long as it is not Edge. This is perfectly reasonable, and after making that decision, why should you install Edge? There is no need to limit yourself to what Microsoft says you can and cannot do.

The company decided that you can uninstall Edge if you installed it manually (although there is no guarantee that you will not receive it again). If you installed it through Windows Update, you can remove the browser not available in the settings. However, you can go to the command prompt.

  1. Click the Start button, type cmd, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
  2. Type C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\83.0.478.58\Installer and press Enter
  3. Type setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall and press Enter
You will find that the new version of Edge is no longer available and the old non-Chromium edition is available again.