Thursday, 28 January 2016

20 Essential Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

20 Essential Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10
Keyboard Shortcuts is a way to maximize the use of the keyboard on the computer. With this shortcut, is able to shorten the time to complete the task so as to make us more productive.

In Windows 10, it turns out there are a lot of combinations of keyboard shortcuts that can be used. Here are 20 of them are very useful:

- Windows key + Tab to activate the virtual desktop (Task View)
- Windows key + A to open the notification bar (Action Center).
- Windows key + C to activate the voice recognition (Cortana)
- Windows key + D to display the Desktop
- Windows key + E to open File Explorer
- Windows key + G to activate the XBox Game Bar
- Windows key + H to enable application sharing in Windows 10
- Windows key + I to open the settings Windows 10
- Windows key + K to activate Connect
- Windows key + L to lock
- Windows key + P for projecting screen
- Windows key + S to activate Cortana
- Windows key + X to activate the Command menu
- Windows key + arrow direction (Left / Right / Up / Down) to create applications appearing side by side.
- Windows key + Ctrl + D to create a virtual desktop
- Windows key + Ctrl + F4 closes the virtual desktop
- Windows key + Ctrl + arrow direction (left / right) to switch between virtual desktops
- Windows key + Shift + arrow direction (left / right) to move applications into one screen to another.
- Windows key + 1/2/3 to open a window open on the taskbar