Friday, 5 February 2016

Android Wear Can Be Controlled Use Voice

Android Wear Can Be Controlled Use Voice
Using smartwatch it easier for people to access their phones. Still, there are times when the use is complicated because it had to tap certain buttons. Update Android Wear, allowing hands-free option.

With the hands-free option, Android Wear-based smartwatch can be controlled by voice commands, speaker or hand movements.

Open the application, for example, can be done by moving the wrist in a certain direction, can send messages using voice commands and forwarded via Google Hangouts, WeChat or WhatsApp.

"Very easy, just say 'OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to Nathan: I soon got there'," writes Google in its official blog, give an example.

This update also allows consumers to use the support of the speaker to make calls via Bluetooth, while listening to an audio or video message with the help of applications like Glide.

But for this one feature, not all Android Wear smartwatch has. Google did not mention any Android Wear smartwatch that support feature speaker.

This update will be available for all Android smart watches Watch in the next few weeks, including a smartwatch like Smart Outdoors Casio Watch and Huawei Watch for Ladies.