Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Latest Sony flashdisk, Support USB Type C

Latest Sony flashdisk, Support USB Type C
Slowly but surely, various gadgets that carries USB port Type-C began emerging. Along with it came the need for external storage media that can be used with the new type connector. This request being targeted by Sony to launch flash product series named "USB 3.1 Gen1 CA1".

Not only can be used by a mobile gadget that has a USB port Type-C, flash Sony can still be used by the owners of old devices with USB Type-A plugs.

"USB 3.1 Gen1 product series CA1 has two types of connectors, the standard USB Type-C new and Type-A, to expand the use in all devices," Sony wrote in a statement on its website.

Available in capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, made by Sony's flash has a transfer speed of up to 130 MB per second. He can be used with a variety of mobile gadgets that supports USB On-the-Go, as well as other devices such as tablets and laptops, including the MacBook a new type that only has a USB connector Type-C.

USB flash CA1 Gen1 3.1 scheduled for launch in February, but the exact date has not been announced. Similarly, the price tag.