Monday, 11 April 2016

FBI Reveals How to Hack iPhone

FBI Reveals How to Hack iPhone
After rejected by Apple, the FBI apparently turn to another party in an attempt to hack into an iPhone belonging to a terrorist perpetrators of the shooting in San Bernardino.

This was disclosed by the FBI Director James Comey said in a statement:

"Lawsuit between the government and Apple in the mobile phone cases San Bernardino ended because the government had purchased the means of the private sector to gain entrance into the mobile phones, (iPhone) 5C running iOS 9," said Comey.

There are further explained who the "private sector" is meant, or what "means" aka tools purchased and used to hack the iPhone. Rumors that the FBI obtained the assistance of a mobile forensic Israeli company called Cellebrite. But so far everything is new speculation. Previously, the FBI asked for help on Apple to create a backdoor in order to access data stored in the iPhone 5C belonging to terrorists.

Requests are voiced through these courts rejected by Apple because it worried gadget manufacturer concerned backdoor can later be misused by the FBI or any other party. The FBI eventually forced to find another way. Late last month, investigators bureau announced that it has managed to break into the iPhone. The legal case with Apple was canceled.

Comey explained that "tool" that can only be purchased FBI used to break into the iPhone only certain types. Newer models such as the iPhone 5S still can not peek.

"People who sell (tool) is also, I know them, and I believe they will protect (how to break into the iPhone), and their motivations in line with us," said Comey.

Apple is still not know how the FBI to penetrate the security of the iPhone. Comey said it is considering to provide such information to Apple so that these disadvantages can be patched.