Monday, 13 June 2016

Android, Operating System Before Being Rated World

Android, Operating System Before Being Rated World
Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system in the world. But first at the beginning of the initial launch, Android experienced a bleak period, underestimated and not expected.

Founded Android Andy Rubin and his friend, acquired by Google in 2005. In 2007, Google announced Android by way of developing intensively and the simultaneous release of the handset. But trouble blocking because Android is not known.

"There is no carrier in the US to partner with Google launcing Android phone prime. Verizon refused, Sprint is not interested, and AT & T did not give an answer. Even T Mobile which result want to release HTC G1 initially and reject," said Lisa Eadicco, columnist technology in Business Insider.

The presence of Android as well as underestimated the other vendors. "It sounds like they just bring people together to recreate hp and we've run it while so many years. I do not understand what the risks as they could have," said Scott Horn, Microsoft executives at a time when it was.

Nokia's mouth remains so powerful Android look eye and consider it not a threat. Even up to three yrs after that, precisely th 2010, Nokia boss still underestimate Android.

Executive Vice President & General Manager of Mobile Solutions Nokia at the time, Anssi Vanjoki, said that if Nokia adopting Android is like the boy who defecate in his pants just teeny For obtaining warmth in the cold.

What do want to say is, take advantage of the green robot OS is only short-term solution or an instant in which vendors are willing to use For Concurrent find profit. But in the long run Android can become a problem because the lack of differentiation.

In the early period, Android is was not immediately apparent that a successful product. First Android handset, the HTC G1, unsurpassable sound echo. But furthermore, increasingly few vendors carry Android because it would disrupt the hegemony of the iPhone is also Nokia's mouth is still relying on Symbian.

The good news, sort of top vendors Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Sony Ericsson mobile phone is the intention of creating Android it is getting better. Finally, slowly but surely, no one who can no longer tackle on Android at the top position to this day.