Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Apple Not Use Dual Camera in iPhone 7

Apple Not Use Dual Camera in iPhone 7
IPhone 7 Plus widely rumored to be bringing dual camera. But the most recent information call Apple failed to do so.

A Foxconn employee who revealed it. Through the web Weibo account named Old Yao deliver Foxconn internal staff proposed dual camera to the iPhone 7 is canceled. The reason is because of technical problems.

"No wonder Terry Geo (Foxconn boss) is not optimistic that the performance of the iPhone 7 forward," said Yao.

As discovered, Foxconn is manufacturing that most new Apple hp refine it. Being able to so the news is quite valid.

This news will certainly come as a disappointment for Apple fanboy who were looking forward to the most recent innovations made in Steve Jobs's company. Because dual camera will be one difference from the previous generation iPhone.

Due to the info so far claimed the draft IPhone 7 is not much not the same with the iPhone 6S. The difference is only the components alone. Apple mentioned pinning A10 processor and 2 GB RAM.