Tuesday, 14 June 2016

iPhone Not a Masterpiece of Steve Jobs but created federal research

iPhone Not a Masterpiece of Steve Jobs but created federal research
iPhone during the last decade has always been Apple's flagship product, is not a masterpiece of Steve Jobs claimed cs. But only modifications here and there. Says who?

The negative comments about Apple lately a lot of hits since their relationship and the US government has deteriorated. Once the data privacy issues with the FBI, is now one of the senators called if the US government created the iPhone, not Steve Jobs et al.

Nancy Pelosi, the name of the senator in question, question how many credits earned in creating the Apple iPhone. According to him, the creator of the iPhone is actually the US government from federal research results.

"In this smartphone (iPhone), almost all of them come from investment and federal research, GPS, created by the military, and there is a flat screen, digital camera, wireless data compression, and research into metal alloys to be lightweight and strong," said Pelosi.

According to Pelosi, Steve Jobs just had the idea to design it and combine all these technologies. While the technology in it was found through the US government-owned research.

On that basis, Pelosi should mention that the US government with its research program to get more credit because it can create the technology.

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