Monday, 20 June 2016

Galaxy S8 stretcher QHD screen and Dual Camera?

Galaxy S8 stretcher QHD screen and Dual Camera?
Not to mention the newly released Galaxy Note series, rumors about Galaxy S8 has burst. Mentioned this mobile telephone can carry UHD monitor and dual camera. Samsung plans to increase the screen resolution in order to give support virtual reality. As a result, South Korean vendors will increase the screen resolution so 4K (2.160x3.840).

Joint resolution of the monitor as it will no doubt create a craze consume more battery power. But Samsung is certainly his outsmart, either gush technologi which creates more energy efficient monitor or embed a jumbo battery.

Back to rumors, Samsung also called dual camera can immerse in the rear sector Galaxy S8. Components are purported to be done by Samsung motors (Semco).

Additional information, Galaxy S8 can be orchestrated Snapdragon 830. This chip can carry meaning 10nm FinFET will deliver more power but not the least efficient in battery consumption.

Do not mention whether Samsung can consistently create his cell phone is waterproof and dust. Create an answer we wait until early next year. Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S8 to February 2017.

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