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Samsung Wants Use 'Tizen' Across Devices

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Title : Samsung Wants Use 'Tizen' Across Devices
links : Samsung Wants Use 'Tizen' Across Devices

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Samsung Wants Use 'Tizen' Across Devices

Samsung Wants Use 'Tizen' Across Devices
Samsung Electronics plans to increase the area of ​​the Tizen platform not only on smart phones. The South Korean company was entirely willing Tizen devices.

"If you do not own ecosystem NESS, NESS You are not next season," said one senior Samsung executive who asked not to be named, since he was not appointed an official who used to talk with the facilities created.

"Tizen not just a platform that was developed For mobile devices," he continued.

Current global operating system market is dominated by Google and is widely known as open source software which is able to be developed was modified by each of the vendors who use it.

Compare together at Apple who NESS own ecosystem, with software of its own, this iPhone pembesut enjoys superior stability and consistent momentum.

The senior executive said that Samsung fairly late in developing content and its own ecosystem. "Even so, Samsung is the better," he said.

He continued, given technology industrial landscape has moved from the business segment to consumer (B2C) in the direction of the business to business (B2B), Tizen shockingly For growing potential in this market.

Samsung itself really has to build an ecosystem that very, very big around Tizen with a wide variety of applications. For example, to compete alongside Android Pay, wearable gadget Samsung allows users to implement payment wear Samsung Pay, digital-based digital wallet service of his own.

"Samsung Tizen allow the developer to do a correction, if used, and redistribute up-date to the others," the executive added.

For Samsung require references and proof For bracing system Tizen, they take advantage of the Indian market which is a pilot project, along launcing hp Cheap Tizen.

"Z series phones Tizen-based Samsung's mouth very, very famous in India. When the first quarter of this yr, Samsung sold approximately 64 million mobile telephone there. This means that, Tizen prove its competitiveness," the executive said it again.

Samsung Electronics plans to wholly devices that connect to the internet, ranging from from smartwatch, cameras, televisions and others can receive support Tizen.

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