Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ads on Spotify Infiltrated Malware

Ads on Spotify Infiltrated Malware
In fact, users can enjoy spotify music streaming service for free, although those services will be colored by a variety of ads.

Ads even though intrusive isn't supposed to be dangerous. But it turns out there is malware that sneak in those ads, which will put up a page for a specific site in the browser.

According to the number of users of spotify if malware does not even require any input by the user to be able to spread. And severity of malware it can live in a variety of platforms, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Though he revealed can live in a variety of platforms, what happens if malware is already attacking a computer system. Then any lifting spotify, speaking about this issue. According to her, the issue ads that crept into this malware was true, and they repaired the rift.

Furthermore, Spotify as only a few users who face problems of this malware. "A small number of users having problems with the appearance of the site in the default browser unknown source, the" principal service provider in Sweden.

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