Sunday, 9 October 2016

"The Google Duo" so the default Applications on Android

"The Google Duo" so the default Applications on Android
Google video call application will be the default application in dew bundle Google mobile services (GMS) on Android phones. This replaces "hangouts Google chat" application.

Delivered via email and receive the GMS partners on 5 October 2016. In email and set Google December 1 2016 to begin installing the duo as a replacement in SDK GMS or Google apps.

"The rest will be optional applications on Android products," listed on my email.

Is the latest Google initiative in the field of mobile communications by doubles doesn't mean killing a rest. It's just that the Android mobile phone vendors stop pin SDK is output automatically in 2017.

Users who want to try out the SDK must be installed independently through Google Apps shop play store. Very strange, if duo video call service to replace the role of recess actually SMS service. Both are certainly not Apple-to-Apple. Why not replace hangout with ALLO more had strips of chat as a service? Google is not revealed.

Note, Duo and Allo as much Google introduced last may in 2016 I/o. Each offers a prima donna appears as different mobile communication mechanisms.

If the couple is expecting as a competitor to Skype, and Google ALLO equipped Assistant will competitors WhatsApp and line, and Messenger Facebook and telegram.