Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Found bug in MIUI Xiaomi, data on cell phone can leak !

Found bug in MIUI Xiaomi, data on cell phone can leak

Most external report from eScan antivirus called MIUI operating system operating system in the Android smartphone of Xiaomi have security hole aka bug. An error was found in the standard application system with the title "Mi Mover".

Mi Mover allows users to transfer settings and data from the old smartphone to the new with opportune and spartanic. To my regret Mi Mover switches sandbox protection to Android, so apps can be unlocked.

The risks, settings (settings) and data in Xiaomi smartphone users can easily be cloned by others. Not explained by eScan, same version of OSUI OS retains this bug.

What is clear, the bug also caused security applications listed on Xiaomi phones can be easily wide without permission from the administrator. This is demonstrated in an anti-theft application entitled "Cerberus".

Cerberus on Xiaomi Mi Max 2 can be removed without exceeding the safety levels as it should. When the app becomes wide, the security system of the phone becomes weaker.

Xiaomis answer

Xiaomi talked about the news that circulated. The Chinese giant promised to make every effort to ensure that its products and services meet data protection requirements.

Xiaomi appealed to users, PIN, pattern lock or fingerprint scanner to minimize the risk of smartphone theft and data theft.

Probably the line manufacturer Mi and Redmi can not promise at what time the error on MIUI OS is solved. We're waiting for additional news as we make an appeal from Xiaomi to maximize security on the smartphone.

The risk can also be compressed that the Mi Mover function is not used in the Xiaomi smartphone.