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WhatsApp can shop online?

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Title : WhatsApp can shop online?
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WhatsApp can shop online?

WhatsApp can shop online?

WhatsApp reports that it has prepared a payment function that will be integrated into its instant messaging app. That is, instant messaging applications are used to broadcast money or second-rate shopping.

WhatsApp itself has not definitively disclosed the release date of the payment function or its global availability. But surely this feature is true.

Now the payment function is referred to as WhatsApp Payment and is already included in the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.295 update.

Based on the screenshot of WhatsApp Beta in circulation, it seems that WhatsApp Payment is an interbank transfer service made with Unified Payments Interface.

The screenshot also shows that the user must agree to the special terms of WhatsApp Payment, Bank and Data Protection to use it to send money.

Temporary suspicion, WhatsApp prepares the payment function released on the Indian market. In addition, it was some time ago ubiquitous that the Facebook business has recruited a number of local financial application experts.

WhatsApp itself is reluctant to comment on the future of the payment claims it develops to make a claim but that India is a country that is valued as important and the company is working to reflect the vision of India Digital.

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