Thursday, 5 April 2018

Xiaomi Show off Video Virtual Assistant Xiao Ai

Xiaomi Show off Video Virtual Assistant Xiao Ai

More and more gadget manufacturers are developing their own in-house Virtual Assistant technology. One of the latest is called Xiaomi; Xiao Ai wizard, later shown by Xiaomi in a video. From the video of the pond that work of Xiao Ai miri similar to Google Assistant.

Xiao Ai can hear user voice commands to open apps, take photos, and translate words. Also helped Xiao Ai colored strips la Google wizard on the screen brings to listen when listening commands from users. The difference, the virtual assistant developed by Xiaomi specifically based on Chinese. Another type of virtual technology Asssistant Alexa from Amazon and Apple's Siri was also able to work in China, but the problem is often limited by language, cultural or hardware integration.

Xiaomi also seemed aware of this and decided to develop his own virtual assistant technology. probably Xiao Ai is also tightly integrated with a variety of artificial intelligent home appliances Xiaomi, such as robotic vacuum cleaner, which is shown in the video appearance of Xiao Ai, make Xiaomi successfully developed the well-known Huawei also developed a similar technology for the Chinese market. Check out the full Xiao Ai demo video in the impression on this link.