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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Xiaomi Showing Off Futuristic Smartphones, Mi Mix Alpha

Quite strange when a brand like Xiaomi looks cool and calm for some time. Usually, this Chinese brand moves quite aggressively in the smartphone market, especially in the middle class. Recently, the release of a new smartphone is dominated by Vivo, Realme, and OPPO, the trio who are still brothers are moving so aggressively.

But finally answered was why Xiaomi is like cool and calm seemed.

Xiaomi Showing Off Futuristic Smartphones, Mi Mix Alpha

In its silence, Xiaomi seems to produce a futuristic smartphone that is truly futuristic. Not cans. The original design, so far it seems there is no smartphone with a shape like Mi Mix Alpha - the name of this latest futuristic smartphone Xiaomi - which has a screen to body ratio of 180.6%, almost the entire surface covered by the screen.

This ratio means that this smartphone has a screen that almost covers the entire surface. Xiaomi calls this design as "Surround Display."

The remaining 20%, is a place for three cameras, each with 108MP, 20MP, and 12MP resolution. There is no front camera because the camera behind it can function as a front camera with a screen on the back.

So far so interesting?

It could be, but there is still something that can be discussed from this latest Mi Mix Alpha smartphone. For example, with a screen that surrounds the entire surface of the device, the sides of the device also have a screen. Xiaomi includes AI sensor technology to recognize unwanted touches so users can still operate this device comfortably.

Various notifications and status bars are available on the screen located on the side of the device, including battery status, volume, time indicator, and other statuses.

For the innards can be predictable using Snapdragon 855 Plus with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. For the battery capacity of 4,050mAh which is equipped with 40W fast charging technology.

In addition, as a special smartphone with a form that can be considered radical, Xiaomi uses various types of materials such as ceramics, sapphire glass, and titanium that are used for the frame. For now, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will still be produced in a limited fashion, or it could even be a limited edition, which is devoted to hardline fans.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Sheet Specifications for Oppo AX5 Circulate

Sheet Specifications for Oppo AX5 Circulate

Oppo, which just released the F9 series some time ago, is now preparing a new cellphone for the middle class segment. This phone, which is suspected as AX5 (or also called R15 Neo), appears on the Taiwan and Singapore certification pages.

Based on the document sheet on the Taiwan NCC page, the cellphone with the CPH1851 code looks like it has a design not unlike most Oppo phones. The size is quite large with a circular angle shape. At the rear, a dual camera is inserted in a horizontal position and there is a flash light right next to it. But on the back of this fingerprint sensor is not visible.

Looks like Oppo prefers to use Face Recognition for security rather than fingerprint sensors . If you look at the size specifications on the NCC page, this phone will likely have a wide screen span. At least this phone will have a screen of almost 6 inches, or if AX5 adopts a less bezel design, the screen size can be more than 6 inches.

On the front there is a notch alias bangs that wrap the front camera and light sensor. The shape of the bangs adopted is similar to the iPhone X with a wide size, not like the new shape of the Oppo bangs that adopt a waterdrop design. At the bottom, there is a Type C USB port that is coupled with a 3.5mm audio jack. Although using USB Type C, it is not yet known whether the Oppo AX5 will be armed with VOOC fast charging technology or not. Previously, the leaked AX5 phone was widely circulated in cyberspace.

Some parties mention another name of the Oppo AX5 is the R15 Neo, depending on the marketing area. This phone has lower specifications than the F9 and F9 Pro. There has been no further confirmation of prices and availability, but rumors of this cellphone are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.